Bogaerts International School is committed to developing students who are internationally minded, independent, and enthusiastic about life and learning. Our school strives for excellence in a happy, caring community founded on integrity and respect.


Bogaerts International school is an exciting bilingual school situated in the stunning Domaine d’Argenteuil in Waterloo, Belgium. Instructing in English and in French, the school takes students from Primary to Secondary school.

Bogaerts International School stems from the Brussels School, founded in 1970 by Rodolphe Bogaerts.

Our goal

  • Our goal is to deliver a global education, with a solid foundation of general knowledge.
  • Our school is completely bilingual, instructing in French and English.
  • Our school campus is on more than 10 hectares of parkland.
  • Our belief in promoting a healthy diet means we serve healthy food.
  • Our students wear a school uniform.
  • Our school provides an option to board in the most prestigious international boarding school in Belgium.
  • Our students follow the Middle Years Programme*, an ideal preparation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme*.
  • Our aim is to cultivate relationships to build strong future professional and social networks.


Monday Main course: Tortellini with bacon, Zucchini and Bechamel sauce Choice: Fried rice with mixed vegetables >
Tuesday Main course: Fish lasagne, spinach and citrus. Choice: Potatoes and leak soup with croutons and spinach salad.
Wednesday Main course: “Steak Haché”, with fried onions, lingon berries and pommes gigants. Choice: Baked celeriac with Parmesan and salad.
Thursday Main course: Chicken breast with creamy sauce, cabbage and potatoes. Choice: Green curry with sweet potatoes, eggplants and spinach.
Friday Main course: Creamy pot-roast beef with mushrooms and bulgur. Choice: Polenta gratin with cheese and oyster mushroom and cauliflower